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Cheats and tricks for The Sims 2

Ordine espansioni, aggiornamento, installazione e disinstallazione PDF Print
Written by CriCri
Avete comprato nuove espansioni e non sapete in che ordine installarle? Non sapete come fare ad aggiornare il gioco con le patch ufficiali? Dovete disinstallare tutto e volete farlo nel migliore dei modi per evitare problemi di reinstallazione? Ecco, in questa pagina troverete le informazioni necessarie a una corretta installazione (e disinstallazione) del gioco, incluso l'ordine di tutte le espansioni e stuff pack usciti...
How to remove censor blur PDF Print
Written by CriCri

There was a cheat to remove the censor grid, but from the first expansion (University) it stopped to work. So now how can you remove the anti-aesthetic grid? Read here below!

Installare e rimuovere lotti PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Un lotto richiede delle espansioni che non avete e volete provare lo stesso a installarlo? L'avete fatto e adesso quando lo selezionate vi si chiude il gioco? Leggete la soluzione....

Ripristinare quartieri PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Volete tornare ad avere i quartieri di default del gioco "vergini" ovvero come erano prima che li usaste? I vostri quartieri sono improvvisamente scomparsi dal gioco? Volete una copia dei vostri quartieri? Leggete qui e scoprite come fare a ripristinarli.

Bodyshop Cheat PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Some tricks to a better use of The Sims Bodyshop, the built-in tool of The Sims 2 to create sims and some other stuff....

Dove sono i salvataggi e come copiarli PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Generazioni di sim e anni di materiale personalizzato... dove sono tutti i vostri salvataggi? E soprattutto a cosa serve ogni cartella, quali dovete copiare per non perdere i vostri progressi e come potete fare a copiare tutto? Cosa vuol dire fare una copia di backup?

Vi spieghiamo tutto in questo articolo...

Intersect Objects PDF Print
Written by CriCri

For some people who can't be able to create new objects mesh, here there are some tips to create very particular furnishing by using only the objects that you have on your buy catalog.


Custom CAS PDF Print
Written by CriCri
You don't like the Create a family lot? You want change it in modern, etnic, or retro'? Read this section and discover how change it!
Auto cheats and alias for cheats PDF Print
Written by CriCri

Every time you forget what are the cheats that interest you or do not feel like trying the paper with the list? How often do you remember to enter the cheat to change the number of guests at a party or what to enter debug mode when it is too late?

If you answered affirmatively to at least one of the questions above you may not know that there is a way to fix this problem. That is the initial configuration file.

Custom music PDF Print
Written by CriCri

If you don't want to listen the game's sound, if you want listen your playlist, follow our tips.

Cheats list PDF Print
Written by CriCri

On this page you can find all cheats from The Sims 2 and all expansion, with the relative meaning and use's examples. All cheats are categorized by expansion.

Squinge's Pregnancy mods PDF Print
Written by CriCri Thursday, 04 September 2008 23:10

pregnantIn this article we help you to understand what version of squinge's pregnancy mods you need according to your game version.

Download only ONE file for each mod! Make sure you download only the version that is compatible with your EPs and hacks. Example if you have OFB and Seasons you need Seasons Version. Download always just a file and remove old version. Be sure to choose file for your latest EP installed.